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CurvedWear Story

CurvedWear was born out of a personal need for functional and comfortable pants for travel and outdoor activities, but an inability to find any that had room in the butt, hips, and thighs and weren't too large or have a huge gap in the waist. Tired of having to buy men’s pants or larger pants needing serious alterations, I designed my own.


I HATED shopping for pants. I would spend hours trying on 3 different sizes of every style to see if anything fit. And always I would leave empty-handed. If they fit my butt, they were way too large for my waist. If they fit my waist, the top half of my butt would be showing. Whenever I went on a trip where I wanted to go from a hike or sightseeing all day straight to a trendy restaurant, I had no options that fit my curvy body type.


The problem is that most pants are cut in a similar way regardless of size; as the size scales up or down, the cut, or fit, stays the same. This cut is for one specific body type and just doesn’t fit women with curves or plus-sized women very well. Because regardless of size, the cut will never work with our body type. As one retailer CEO noted, “The whole industry learns one shape, and fits on one, much smaller, straighter shape.” CurvedWear recognizes that one cut or style does not fit all.


Since I am not that one shape that the industry is catering to, I just couldn’t find any pants that fit me. So I made them! For myself and for all of you.


I wanted to look good and feel good and be comfortable. I wanted access to clothes with a good fit, comfort, style, and technical features. I just knew that function and fashion for curvy gals can both exist. To design the perfect pants for us curvy gals, I was looking for material that was stretchy and soft and had room in the butt, hips, and thighs, where we often need more room. I wanted pants that came up high enough in the back but didn’t gap and were still fashionable. I wanted an inside drawstring for a perfect fit in the waist, which is smaller than the butt, hips, and thighs on us curvy gals. I wanted functional, technical material that was wrinkle resistant, moisture-wicking, and quick dry. I wanted pants that are appropriate for various cultures and climates. I wanted not just an adequate number of pockets, but pockets that were functional for when I didn’t want to carry a purse. I wanted a secret pocket. Essentially, I wanted all of the things that are currently available to women who look like a mannequin with “perfect” proportions (that is, proportions that all pants makers and designers currently produce). I wanted to be able to play outside in pants that didn’t need serious alterations to fit my curvy body type. I saw my perfectly proportioned friends easily find these kind of pants and thought about how unfair it was that we curvy gals didn’t have that option. I wanted to play outside, too.


Because we curvy gals want to and deserve to play outside, too.


I hope that you find the comfort and function you want for your beautiful curves at CurvedWear! And if you love your CurvedWear as much as I do, please share this site with your friends and followers.

CurvedWear Mission

Our mission is to provide an option for curvy gals who want to play outside in comfort. One of our goals is to help women achieve equality, justice, self-confidence, and self-worth so they can focus on their own comfort and needs.


To that end, our company will be donating a portion of its revenue to a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering girls and women to run for office.

CurvedWear Commitment

CurvedWear is committed to


  • High quality, beautiful pants for beautiful curves.

  • Full satisfaction, including free shipping and returns all the time.

  • An ethical and sweatshop-free supply chain.

  • Sustainability with our Replacements program.

  • Giving back to the women's community.

Who's Behin CurvedWear

Amy earned her PhD in forensic psychology and was a government policy researcher for more than a decade, focusing on juvenile justice and human trafficking. She has also been an activist for women's rights and getting more women into elected office. But for many years, she had one dream: To find a pair of outdoor technical pants that fit. After a girls' trip to Iceland where she had to rely on pants that were too big in the waist and men's pants, she decided that if no one else was going to make pants for women with curves, she would. 

She dove into learning about fabric, manufacturing, and what "contoured waist" meant. With enthusiastic support, she iterated and re-iterated a prototype until it was perfect. The result is what she hopes will contribute in some small way to changing the industry so that all women are served equally. 

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