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So Much Love--and Lovely News--to Share about CurvedWear's Pants for Curvy Women!

February is the month of love, and I have so much love (and lovely news) to share!

Valentine's heart with crowdfunding launch, #sharethelove, pants giveaway, and IG Live for CurvedWear's pants for curvy women

First, I’m so, so excited to share that we received our first production of CurvedWear’s Curvy Classic pants for curvy women ready for pre-ordering. This means we can move forward with launching our crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen! Stay tuned for more photos and video and information on the upcoming launch.


Speaking of launching, we’ll be starting our long-planned #FirstFridays #ShareTheLove movement on social media on Friday, March 1. #ShareTheLove is meant to highlight other women-owned small businesses in an effort to support each other. I’m a big believer that women have a duty and responsibility to help each other and lift each other up. When one woman’s small business succeeds, it’s a success for all of us!


In preparation of our launch, we’re giving away a pair of the Curvy Classic pants for curvy gals! You can enter for your chance to win here and can then share your own love for extra entries.


Finally, I’m thrilled to be partnering with Sarah Berkeley, founder of Symbiosis Gear, for an Instagram Live on February 29 at 2:00 p.m. PST. Symbiosis Gear makes backpacking gear for people with boobs. Be on the lookout for more information and a link to join us!


Until then, all good things,


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