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Who Likes Pockets?

Recently, a popular local radio discussion program, Forum, featured an episode talking with Hannah Carlson, author of the book Pockets: An Intimate History of How We Keep Things Close. Of course, I couldn't NOT call in to emphasize CurvedWear's dedication to huge, usable #pockets in our pants!

Pockets are certainly convenient, but they’re also important for empowerment and equality, not to mention comfort and confidence, which are all at the heart of CurvedWear’s mission. Traditionally, only men’s pants had usable pockets while women’s pants had impractical or merely decorative versions of a pocket—if anything at all. Pockets aren’t just a nice-to-have feature for women, but a fundamental part of pants that contributes to women’s comfort and confidence, which are also fundamental to CurvedWear’s mission. Having large, functional pockets means you don’t have to carry any additional bags or purses if you don’t want to, making a big difference in ease of movement.

Pockets are just one of the features and benefits CurvedWear focuses on. Check out the episode to hear my comments, and check out our website to see more!

Front pockets and rear pockets in plus size hiking pants

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