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How Are We Celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day?

Happy Women's Entrepreneurship Day! As women (especially moms!), we’re used to balancing and juggling and prioritizing and delegating. Yet women entrepreneurs are still underfunded and undervalued. For example, only 2% of venture capital funding goes to women-owned businesses, and when women-owned businesses are funded, the funding averages less than half of what men-owned businesses raise.

Despite that, I’m very enthusiastic about this entrepreneurial journey, and proud to be joining the ranks of some really amazing women in business!

So many people have told me how entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of ups and downs. Recently, I was so excited to get the first sample of the CurvedWear Classic! But I had some major decisions to make.

I was hoping to have a final prototype in various sizes to launch the crowdfunding campaign by the end of Fall. However, the revisions needed to make the pants perfect were substantial enough that I wasn't comfortable marketing the first sample. The good news is that I could really see my vision in the first sample. For example, I was very happy with the contoured waistband, which is a key feature.

That left me with a conundrum: Do I launch the crowdfunding campaign with only a description and perhaps a drawing of the CurvedWear Classic pants or do I delay the launch until I have the perfect sample pants for us curvy gals, which could mean delaying until after the new year?

Such hard decisions! Ultimately, I decided that I wanted a product that was as close to final as possible, so we’ll be launching the crowdfunding campaign in early 2020.

This week, I went to the manufacturer in Los Angeles and we worked together to ensure that the next version of the prototype will be exactly what curvy gals need: Extra room in butt, hips, and thighs; a wide, contoured waistband with invisible elastic to keep the pants from gaping; and functional, deep pockets.

I can’t wait to show you our final sample!

In the meantime, here’s how you can help:

Share this on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and remember to use the hashtag #CurvyGals

If you know any bloggers, journalists, etc., please send them my way so CurvedWear can get some needed PR as we prepare to launch

If there’s another way that you can think of or any connections that might be beneficial, please reach out and let us know

With warm wishes,

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