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It's Happening! Pre-ordering is now available & our crowdfunding campaign is coming soon!

I started CurvedWear in 2019 with a crazy idea that we curvy women should have equal access to great—and great-fitting—clothes, especially the type of pants for which I was on a lifelong search: hiking and travel pants. I was tired of having to buy men’s pants or pants that were two sizes too big so they would fit over my butt and hips and then find a way to cinch the waist. At the risk of sounding like my six-year-old, it wasn’t fair!

Some companies briefly branched out to include plus sizes, but they simply graded their regular pants up to different sizes, not understanding that it’s not just the size, but more importantly the cut, that matters.

In some ways, 2019 seems like yesterday and in other ways it seems like decades ago. One thing that hasn’t changed since those BeforeTimes is my commitment to bringing CurvedWear to everyone who has faced similar struggles with finding pants to fit our curvy bodies.

The pandemic-related delays gave CurvedWear a unique opportunity to reflect on the mission and purpose of the company and reminded me how important that commitment is to me. I’ve continued to work toward bringing you the most perfectly fitting pants for all curvy gals looking for comfort, style, and function. And it’s been successful!

Select photos of plus size hiking pants or plus size travel pants for curvy women

In the spirit of last weekend’s Women’s Equality Day, I’m excited to show you the final sample of the CurvedWear Classic, our first product bringing equality for every body. With our high quality, stretchy, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric on its way, we’ll start our first production of sizes 12 to 24 soon. So, keep your eye out for more information on our official launch and check out our newly designed website to see more photos!

From my curves to yours,

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