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Comfort For Our Curves

Let's talk comfort. I don't mean snuggling up in front of a fireplace comfort or settling in with a hot chocolate and a good book comfort. I'm talking about day-to-day comfort in simply going about our world. Why do we often have to choose between comfort and function? 

This is what I continually asked myself for years. And the answer I kept coming back to was, "Well, we don't!" That's how CurvedWear was born.

The question I asked myself then became, "Why is comfort so important?" It seems obvious, but I hadn't seen it spelled out. When thinking about it more, I boiled it down to five reasons: 

Of course, function is still important, which is why CurvedWear is specifically designed for both. 

As we celebrate Small Business Month throughout May, I'm thinking more about why I created CurvedWear and what this small business means. I believe plus size women and curvy women should always be comfortable, regardless of size or shape. The clothing market doesn't seem to care about curvy or plus size women. If CurvedWear is able to help women be more comfortable in going about their regular world AND be functional at the same time, I'm proud of my small business! And incredibly grateful for your continued support!

All good things,

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