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What do #WomensHistoryMonth & #ElectionDay have in common?

This month is Women's History Month, with International Women's Day this Friday, March 8. Although I believe we should celebrate and support women every day of every month, this month is especially nice to do those things. That's why I thought that March would be the perfect month to launch our #FirstFridays #ShareTheLove campaign in which we highlight another woman-owned small business that we love whose mission and vision are similar to our own. I hope you saw our social media posts about it! 

Why pockets are important in pants; plus size pants for curvy women

To celebrate women's history, I'm resharing a local-to-me radio show discussing the importance of pockets in women's clothing and why we just don't have many good options with pockets. Traditionally, only men’s pants had usable pockets while women’s pants had impractical or merely decorative versions of a pocket—if anything at all. But as we know, pockets aren’t just a nice-to-have feature for women; they're a fundamental part of pants that contributes to women’s comfort and confidence, not to mention empowerment and equality! All important things to talk about during Women's History Month and beyond. (Also things that are part of CurvedWear's mission.)

Today is also Election Day if you live in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, or Virginia! Your vote is your voice; use it or lose it! Why is this important in the context of Women's History Month? Women's empowerment, equality, and comfort are just a few of many things that are impacted by our elections and who is in power making decisions. 

What do election day and women's history month have in common with plus size pants for curvy women

Today, for Election Day, my daughter wore her 19th Amendment t-shirt to school, reminding us that we've only had the right to vote for a relatively short period of time. When we empower women-whether through comfort in clothes or achieving the right to vote or everything in between-we're all better for it.

In the meantime, we're gearing up to launch our crowdfunding campaign and I couldn't be more excited. We're working on some cool rewards for you for supporting CurvedWear! Stay tuned....

Until then, all good things,

CurvedWear-plus size pants for curvy women

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